lundi 6 octobre 2014

Blue Island Administration Director

Figure by the explosion of vivid system upon completion, only awareness of Kenjiro has had to haunt stuffed otter was a gift from the thigh. After I revealed the identity to Murasakijo were subordinates of management station belongs at that time, you are taking command of the pair alone against openly Administration remains of the figure of "lie-kun." That you are riding on the head and shoulders of Akaneya purple Article is often normal, but it is hidden in a bag at school.

It should be noted that the name you gave the Tossa is Akane when that has been pursuing the secrets of Kenjiro sunflower, that those who know the identity is referred to as a "lie-kun" is not in the basic name of "lie-kun" is, (sunflower later know the identity also it mother of our Akane). is called "Doctor". Are suffering from some disease by runaway accident seven years ago, admitted to the hospital during the "Atami Medical Plaza" away with the family now. Are also depending on the meeting of the daughters consciousness is clear, but the pattern you can not answer from the crib. You have come back to the house in the last times.

A lieutenant of the Allied defense forces, fighter pilot. It has participated from the first game in fighting alone, and showed a brave active and protect the tilt-rotor aircraft aboard the blue you have to shield your ship. Was appointed supervisor of the Vivid team thereafter management station and Kenjiro is to build a cooperative framework, and appointed to the new Oshima school as a teacher at the same time. Watch over us Akane (charged subject is physical education) as a teacher of two years Group A, it is to take command of the Vivid team when Yuji usually.

It was just scold you do not trust the Akane who is a layman initially, the case compliance with the rules and instructions, but gradually softening in share someone in a fight. In Episode 11, it was an opportunity that now put less reliable than watch it without restraint dare Akane who drove sortie at the discretion, change the situation where this is blocked. In Episode 8, is showing the representation of empathy with sash efforts Kenjiro has been overlaid unnoticed, even some aspects of caring.

Blue Island Administration Director. Has been entrusted with full powers on Blue Island defense. Even while surprised Vivid warrior and Kenjiro which has been suddenly intervene in combat with alone, it is understood to be a friend immediately and issued a bold decision of cooperation. Later, it becomes possible to build a close cooperation relationship with Kenjiro us. It is a old friend of Naka and Kenjiro, to pay tribute to extraordinary called "teacher" him even now. It has not been described almost in the play about the relationship between the two, but that photos placed in the Oval Office (10 episodes), there was a contact from a young age fairly be seen.

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